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Over the past few days (and coming weeks or more!) we all have to consider how we as individuals, and also as parts of a far greater organism, operate and interact. With physical freedoms being (correctly albeit temporarily) restricted, it could be easy for some of us to lose touch with our fellow humans (any people who know me know I don't have this problem!), and it is with this in mind that Melissa & I decided to kick off a longer term plan for Radio Feelwick early.

Obviously, there are already countless radio stations & many infinitely more powerful networks, musicians  and artists by the hordes going live on the interwebs, - but in the same way smaller neighborhoods look out for all within, maybe smaller groups can really strive to nurture and keep each other safe, healthy, and mentally stable, whilst interacting and conversing over music. Self aggrandising bollocks? Perhaps, but we’re doing it for nothing and we’re going to keep doing it for as long as we enjoy ourselves and get to share with friends old and new.

The Me & You Groove

Sunday 22 March 2020

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Couples loving and tearing each other's hair out, people alone and remembering the telephone, the never-ending days if you're working from home, imagined anarchy taking to the streets - Isolation, physically and otherwise, is sub-optimal (unless you're 15 yrs old and just got into The Smiths) There was a plan to have a little more preparation going into this week, but as we all reacquaint, there seem to be quite a few tasks in the isolation process, so it was pretty much thrown together on the hoof.  Your inspiration and requests helped inspire and inform us all that there's still a  world beyond our front door, livin' alive and lovin' each other. 

Hope you truly enjoyed!

Escape From New York - John Carpenter
Melissa has been hankering after playing the entire album since hearing this last night (it’s on her copy of the anthology which is a natty colored vinyl no less!) - so I presume I'm going to be getting ‘Carpenter’ed up’ over the next day or so. We may need to watch the movie again as a result, considering it’s looking like nobody is going anywhere for a while.

Future Legend/Diamond Dogs - David Bowie
Perhaps a little TOO dystopian, but it seems prescient…

I Wanna Be With You - The Isley Brothers
Considering the remit for this show was “You & Me Groove” it spoke to me in the most obvious and literal way. It’s off the ’79 monster ‘Winner Takes All’, which is not to be fucked with…

You're Not Alone (Nightmares on Wax Mix) - Olive
You're Not Alone - Woon
…simple reminder.

I Can't Get Next to You - Mongo Santamaria
Stomping take on the Temp’s classic.

Peanut Butter - Gwen Guthrie
A request from Colm Reagan in Belfast. Back when I did Sundays in the back bar of The Garrick, Colm was the regular manager and he would pester me for this on the reg. I have ZERO complaints when people request tunes this good.

The Way I Feel Inside - The Zombies
I dropped this on top simply because it was the way I felt inside at the time;)

You Can't Do It Alone - Chic
This was the inspiration & main sample for Basement Jaxx’s ‘Jus’ 1 Kiss’. Appropriate for getting through things with people around you (figuratively speaking, natch).

Behind The Wheel (Beatmasters Remix) - Depeche Mode
I'm always reminded of my good mucker Ramie whenever I play Depeche Mode - and I’m not sure if he’d heard this version before. The Beatmasters were integral in the late 80s UK hip house scene (best exemplified by a number of acts on the legendary Rhythm King imprint) along with label-mates Betty Boo (more of this later), Bomb The Bass & S’Express. This music was my gateway drug to actual hiphop (and house music). Their version of my favorite Mode track illustrates how this genre of music can both cheapen AND enrich music at the exact same time.

One In Ten (UB40 Mix) - 808 State

From gateway drug to the real shit in one half-assed mix.

Smokebelch II - Sabres Of Paradise

Naturally, most people into electronic music (of a certain vintage) will know all about Andrew Weatherall, who sadly passed recently. Sabres was him and Jagz Kooner making eerie but massively dance floor-friendly dub-influenced beats that can work their way into your subconscious waaaay too easily. I remember them playing at my college Halloween party in 1st year (1st real time I had heard them) and me having my first experience of illicit party chemicals. Spent the next few months having a recurring dream with ’Smokebelch II’ as the soundtrack, convinced that I’d composed it in my sleep until my mate Piotr played it to me round at his gaff. I didn’t have to record it after all;)

The Chubbster - Chubb Rock
Not entirely sure why hip-hop has morphed into something that just upsets my ears as I overhear triplet hi-hat chirps and rappers mumble incoherently out of tiny phone speakers, but I expect it’s to do with age. Shit just sounded more solid back in the day.

Love Will Bring Us Back Together (DJ Vas Rework) - Roy Ayers

Is quite simply a solid gold re-edit to an already 18-Carat tune.

Velo - Friendly Fires & Asphodells
More Weatherall-induced excellence here, this time with a pretty heavy Neu!-influenced groove courtesy of Friendly Fires. If you don’t know them, check out 2008’s debut album - still a Feelwick top pick.

Alone - The Pretenders
Some people will be able to cope better with what’s going on at present than others. Me? I crave company like B.A. Baracus craved cheeseburgers (no matter how many times he’d reluctantly drive to an airport with his mates, protesting all the way, he just could never resist that obviously tampered-with quarter-pounder. And he had the fucking temerity to call other people fools on the reg!). Chrissie Hynde has to be the coolest misanthrope on earth, and you just know she’s going to be fine.

TV Party - Black Flag
Go Nowhere - Reagan Youth
I gather all streaming content company’s stocks are going through the roof at present - them and supermarkets. And amazon. So it’s not all financial doom and gloom, eh?

Missing You - John Waite
My friend Craig LaCourt mentioned as I played this that I was summoning the spirit of Junior High School Dances, and I kinda was. That and the obvious John Hughes movie thing. Thing is, most of us remember these times/movies and smile - and that’s worth referencing I reckon.

See Through Suits - Sinkhole
Hailing from Red Hook, Brooklyn (well, at least two of them), Sinkhole were the unofficial house-band of my favorite bar ever, the late Red Hook Bait & Tackle. They an album of complete and utter KICK ASS. Granted, I played it at the wrong speed initially, but nobody is perfect. Except maybe Sinkhole.

Let's Stay Together - Margie Joseph
Not a huge amount to say about this classic take on the very reverend’s classic itself.

Give Up The Funk - Parliament
A friend Melissa’s requested this, it should not have needed a request.

Leave Me Alone - Betty Boo
Another slice of early 90s breaks-pop. Admittedly, this is a bit of a deep cut off Betty’s already niche album ‘Boomania’. Suffice to say, it would be a stretch to suggest boomania really gained ‘pandemic' status. A little self-indulgent, this one then.

Voices Inside My Head (BC 12” 1980) - Sting
Inside Pikachu's Cunt - Rustie

Together - Together
Together, Alright - Ian Pooley
Figuratively, not actually.

Waiting for Tonight - Jennifer Lopez
Let me say this upfront - I LOVE J-Lo. I just hate this fucking song. My friend Genesis was torturing me to play this, and I figured ‘anything for an easy life’ - but now of course, anyone who reads this and wants some Katy fucking Perry or one of the Li’l Rappers or something knows that if they are persistent dicks they’ll maybe get it. NOT COOL.

Together in Electric Dreams - Phil Oakey & Giorgio Moroder

Imagine being Phil Oakey and getting a phone call from your all-time hero to collaborate, and then you end up writing and recording what is perhaps your best song to boot. Sensational plate-stepping, sir. Extra tot of rum.

America : What Time Is Love? - KLF

Epic Stadium-House from 1992. Like all KLF communications I’m not entirely sure what is being expressed here, but man it sounds like fire.

Sport - Lightnin’ Rod

Jalal Nuriddin of the photo rap group Last Poets recorded this with help from Kool & The Gang (and perhaps Jimi Hendrix!) in ’73 - the entire album is a morality tale of two brothers (Sport & Spoon) from inner-city NYC. Sampled by Nas, Wu-Tang & probably most famously Beastie Boys, Lightnin’ Rod deserves WAY more recognition as a pioneer of rap music than he’s ever got.

What New York Used To Be - The Kills
Sadly I can only imagine. Melissa and others tell me stories from time to time.

It's Just Begun (1972) - Jimmy Castor

Ain't Too Proud To Beg - The Temptation
Controversy - Prince
Gotta get some crowdpleasers in here somewhere;)

Too Blind To See It - Kym Simms
Every time I hear this track I think of my brother from another mother Joe Lindsay (AKA DJ Dumb (I was DJ Dumber)). Hat tip good buddy!

The Town I Live In - Thee Midnighters
Opening AND closing lyrics to this doo wop weapon is “The Town I Live In Is Lonely” - well, hopefully with today’s fascinating wealth of communication technology, we can try to make it less so, wherever you are.

L.O.V.E. Love - Orange Juice
2 Al Green covers in one set? Hell, why not!

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Feelwick is the alias of Scottish Producer & DJ Kenny Mathieson. Following extensive tour schedules throughout UK, Europe, Asia & America, on both the club & festival circuits, Kenny now resides in Brooklyn NY continuing to produce and DJ.  He is the Music Director at The Dead Rabbit in NYC, and Creative Director, Co Founder of the newly formed sound and creative company, The X Pollen Collective, delivering authentic  sound and design to restaurants, bars and clubs in New York, Chicago, Charleston and across Europe.

Kenny has shared stages with globally renowned acts such as Fatboy Slim, Sasha, Eric Morillo, Zane Lowe, Chase & Status, Calvin Harris, Jazzy Jeff, Mylo, Kasabian, DJ Kool Herc, Nero & Primal Scream to name but a few,

and was the official warmup DJ for the Belsonic festival (Belfast) as well as playing regular slots at Rockness (Scotland), T in the Park (Scotland), Go North (Scotland/Spain), Oxegen (Republic Of Ireland) & Electric Picnic (Republic Of Ireland).

In addition to his technical prowess in environmental sound design, delivering a crowd rallying vibe as DJ to thousands, and remixing tracks for a number of acts (Olympic Lifts, Lo Fidelity Allstars, Nathan Connolly’s Little Matador to name a few) Kenny also has a discography as lead guitarist / composer for Olympic Lifts, St. Christopher Medal, Young, Duke & Maddingley & Sho Kashogi.  He is currently working with breaking NYC artist Lauren Caillat (Sony BMG).

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Stitch Yourself Up (Palookaville Remix) - Little Matador

Produced with Ramie Burns & Joe Lindsay under the moniker Palookaville.
Little Matador

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Can't Keep Up - Silhouette

Produced with Joe Lindsay under the moniker Palookaville.

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Thunderbreaks - AC/DC/FW

Stacks Image 367

Kids Don't Behave Like This Remix - A Plastic Rose

Produced with Joe Lindsay under the moniker Palookaville.
A Plastic Rose

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Oceans (Calenture Mix) - Seven Summits

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Showcasing examples of the different genres Kenny plays - from House to Jazz - from Hiphop to Calypso and everything in-between.

Cold Booze Mix

Underground House sounds featuring tracks by Andres, T Show, Junior Vasquez, 1-800 Dinosaur and more.

Cold Booze Mix

Breaks & Electro Beats for Dark Nights. Featuring tracks by Siriusmo, Modeselektor, Lotterboys, Joakim, Goose and more…

Aretha Mix

A tribute to The Queen of Soul. Nuff Said.

Super Soul Sounds Mix

Rare Soul & Funk with the likes of Los Holys, The Mohawks, Bobby Reed, Bob Thiele Emergency, Barbara Acklin & The Emergency to name a few.

Panic! Vol.2 Mix

Indie, Electro & Disco blend with Club Bangers for a promo mix for longstanding Belfast club night Panic!

Live, Direct & In Effect at The Dead Rabbit

A slice of what it's like down at the World's most awarded bar on a Friday night.

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Forever Moments - Feelwick

Working demo of a track looking for a singer.

Stacks Image 545

Wayne Moon Pilot - St. Christopher Medal

Stacks Image 533

International Hex - Olympic Lifts

Co-written by & featuring Kenny Mathieson

Stacks Image 570

Rock Suitcase - Olympic Lifts

Co-written by & featuring Kenny Mathieson

Stacks Image 735

Country Music - St. Christopher Medal

Stacks Image 521

Direct Me Correctly - Olympic Lifts

Co-written by & featuring Kenny Mathieson

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