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Over the past few days (and coming weeks or more!) we all have to consider how we as individuals, and also as parts of a far greater organism, operate and interact. With physical freedoms being (correctly albeit temporarily) restricted, it could be easy for some of us to lose touch with our fellow humans (any people who know me know I don't have this problem!), and it is with this in mind that Melissa & I decided to kick off a longer term plan for Radio Feelwick early.

Obviously, there are already countless radio stations & many infinitely more powerful networks, musicians  and artists by the hordes going live on the interwebs, - but in the same way smaller neighborhoods look out for all within, maybe smaller groups can really strive to nurture and keep each other safe, healthy, and mentally stable, whilst interacting and conversing over music. Self aggrandising bollocks? Perhaps, but we’re doing it for nothing and we’re going to keep doing it for as long as we enjoy ourselves and get to share with friends old and new.

Ep.6 - 01110011 - 01101111 - 01110101 - 0110110

Sunday 10 May 2020

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Can computers feel? Do androids dream of electric sheep? Does AI have a soul? Well, No, Doubtful, and What is a soul anyway? Can synthetic music carry as much human emotion as more traditional ‘organically produced’ sound? Surely all music is as 'real' as any other the moment the wave travels inside one’s ear.

To mark the untimely passing of Florian Schneider, founding member of Kraftwerk, perhaps the most influential electronic act in history, this week’s mix explores the rich pageant of emotions depicted using ones & zeros as the initial building blocks to create music.

Whether it be to think, cease thinking, love, dance, cry, scream or simply vacuum to, electronics have become such an everyday part of almost all musical forms, only the most reactionary pub-bore luddite could deny the emotive power housed within the humble microchip. Harnessed and guided by artistic human hands, naturally…

For now.

Time becomes - Orbital
No future (Get off the babysitter) - Tangerine Dream
HMU (Esseks Remix) - Space Jesus
Mr Roboto - Styx
Payback - Jan Hammer
Little Fluffy Clouds Rip - The Orb
Is It Always Binary - Soulwax
Destinations - Gesaffelstein
One Note Samba - Perrey & Kingsley
Since I Left You - The Avalanches
Spunky Love Fun - Pepe Deluxe
TEE - Kraftwerk
Robot Rock (8 Bit) - Daft Punk
Release the Beast - Breakwater
Hot On The Heels Of Love - Throbbing Gristle
What's a Girl to Do - Fatima Yamaha
Miura - Metro Area
Sensuality -Victor Duplaix

Areodynamik (kling klang dynamix) - Kraftwerk
Planet Rock - Afrika Bambaataa & Soul Sonic Force
Within A Sound - u-Ziq
Synrise - Goose
GDMFSOB (UNKLE UNCENSORED) feat. Roots Manuva - DJ Shadow
Just Can't Get Enough - Depeche Mode
FlatBeat - Mr. Oizo
Egypt Egypt - Egyptian Lover
You're Not From Brighton - Fatboy Slim
Re-Evolution - The Shamen
It's Alright - Sterling Void
Move Your Body - Marshall Jefferson
Computer World 2 - Kraftwerk
Teachers - Daft Punk
Rippin Kittin - Golden Boy Feat. Miss Kitten
Two Months Off - Underworld
Stereo - Spooky
Jealous Guy - LB

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Feelwick is the alias of Scottish Producer & DJ Kenny Mathieson. Following extensive tour schedules throughout UK, Europe, Asia & America, on both the club & festival circuits, Kenny now resides in Brooklyn NY continuing to produce and DJ.  He is the Music Director at The Dead Rabbit in NYC, and Creative Director, Co Founder of the newly formed sound and creative company, The X Pollen Collective, delivering authentic  sound and design to restaurants, bars and clubs in New York, Chicago, Charleston and across Europe.

Kenny has shared stages with globally renowned acts such as Fatboy Slim, Sasha, Eric Morillo, Zane Lowe, Chase & Status, Calvin Harris, Jazzy Jeff, Mylo, Kasabian, DJ Kool Herc, Nero & Primal Scream to name but a few,

and was the official warmup DJ for the Belsonic festival (Belfast) as well as playing regular slots at Rockness (Scotland), T in the Park (Scotland), Go North (Scotland/Spain), Oxegen (Republic Of Ireland) & Electric Picnic (Republic Of Ireland).

In addition to his technical prowess in environmental sound design, delivering a crowd rallying vibe as DJ to thousands, and remixing tracks for a number of acts (Olympic Lifts, Lo Fidelity Allstars, Nathan Connolly’s Little Matador to name a few) Kenny also has a discography as lead guitarist / composer for Olympic Lifts, St. Christopher Medal, Young, Duke & Maddingley & Sho Kashogi.  He is currently working with breaking NYC artist Lauren Caillat (Sony BMG).

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Stitch Yourself Up (Palookaville Remix) - Little Matador

Produced with Ramie Burns & Joe Lindsay under the moniker Palookaville.
Little Matador

Stacks Image 375

Can't Keep Up - Silhouette

Produced with Joe Lindsay under the moniker Palookaville.

Stacks Image 383

Thunderbreaks - AC/DC/FW

Stacks Image 367

Kids Don't Behave Like This Remix - A Plastic Rose

Produced with Joe Lindsay under the moniker Palookaville.
A Plastic Rose

Stacks Image 391

Oceans (Calenture Mix) - Seven Summits

Stacks Image 428

Showcasing examples of the different genres Kenny plays - from House to Jazz - from Hiphop to Calypso and everything in-between.

Radio Feelwick Ep.1 - The Me & You Groove

We all need a helping hand through this - music can help us too.

Radio Feelwick Ep.2 - The Global Bungle

A trip around the world in music. Something like 15 different languages in this one.

Radio Feelwick Ep.4 - Party For The People

Socially responsible Funk Soul & Righteous Shit.

Cold Booze Mix

Underground House sounds featuring tracks by Andres, T Show, Junior Vasquez, 1-800 Dinosaur and more.

Cold Booze Mix

Breaks & Electro Beats for Dark Nights. Featuring tracks by Siriusmo, Modeselektor, Lotterboys, Joakim, Goose and more…

Aretha Mix

A tribute to The Queen of Soul. Nuff Said.

Radio Feelwick Ep.3 - Doom & Bloom

Global meditation - heart & warmth - sharing food and community support. It's a joy seeing humanity bloom during the daily gloom.

Panic! Vol.2 Mix

Indie, Electro & Disco blend with Club Bangers for a promo mix for longstanding Belfast club night Panic!

Live, Direct & In Effect at The Dead Rabbit

A slice of what it's like down at the World's most awarded bar on a Friday night.

Super Soul Sounds Mix

Rare Soul & Funk with the likes of Los Holys, The Mohawks, Bobby Reed, Bob Thiele Emergency, Barbara Acklin & The Emergency to name a few.

Panic! Vol.2 Mix

Indie, Electro & Disco blend with Club Bangers for a promo mix for longstanding Belfast club night Panic!

Live, Direct & In Effect at The Dead Rabbit

A slice of what it's like down at the World's most awarded bar on a Friday night.

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Stacks Image 558

Forever Moments - Feelwick

Working demo of a track looking for a singer.

Stacks Image 545

Wayne Moon Pilot - St. Christopher Medal

Stacks Image 533

International Hex - Olympic Lifts

Co-written by & featuring Kenny Mathieson

Stacks Image 570

Rock Suitcase - Olympic Lifts

Co-written by & featuring Kenny Mathieson

Stacks Image 735

Country Music - St. Christopher Medal

Stacks Image 521

Direct Me Correctly - Olympic Lifts

Co-written by & featuring Kenny Mathieson

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